I sometimes wonder whether I am female. Most blokes seem to think we girls LOVE to shop. For shoes, handbags, make up, clothes. Some think we just like to shop for shopping’s sake and don’t really care what we buy.

Well, I might be a little off the wall here but I really don’t enjoy shopping at all. I hate shopping for clothes but suspect that is because I am not at all happy with the way I look right now; maybe if I lost a stone/two stone/three stone I would relish trying on lots of clothes, taking them back, trying on loads more, taking them back…but right now, I would rather rifle through my wardrobe and find something suitable to wear to an event than buy anything new.

I just don’t enjoy the process. I’ve heard some women enjoy the buying/paying/taking things home to try on again. I don’t even enjoy shopping for food although, granted, it is much more fun when John and I go together. I only buy food so my sons and dogs won’t starve.

I do understand why, if you really need a new TV, bed, gadget, you would save up and buy it at exactly the right time e.g. January sales but this business of counting down to Black Friday (even its name gives me the shudders) is becoming a little crazy, wouldn’t you agree? People trampling over one another to get that last bargain, people fighting  because they saw someone push into the queue. Oh, the queue. I understand there will be some queuing up overnight, in near freezing temperatures, just to bag something they feel they absolutely MUST have.

So, how ’bout, this Black Friday, going for a walk, going to visit an elderly neighbour, inviting some friends over for coffee, making those phone calls to people you’ve been putting off? How about you look around at what you have and wonder whether you really NEED to spend pots of cash on something you probably wouldn’t have given the time of day had it not been for the endless advertising for Black Friday?

Someone once pointed out to me that a bargain was only a bargain if you really NEEDED it. Buying something just because it’s on a special offer isn’t always as fulfilling as one might hope. I have heard of silly people who go shopping, buy things, never wear them and then, donate them to charity shops. Oh wait, that was me…

What’s important? Well, in my life (and in no particular order although I’ll let you guess) – my husband, my sons, my three rescue greyhounds, my parents, my friends, my health and the blessings I count each and every day. I have a TV, it might not be the most up to date one but it works and I can watch Coronation Street on it with subtitles (my hearing isn’t great). I have a laptop, it’s a few years old but it works and it enables me to keep up with the world and in touch with my friends via social media. My mobile phone is a couple of years old, it works well enough despite the cracked screen (I took a tumble, one day in town and haven’t got around to having the screen fixed so poor John looks a bit wrinkly at the moment, when he smiles out at me from the screen!). I am able to walk my dogs for miles and miles each day because I am relatively fit and healthy.  For someone in a wheelchair or not able to walk long distances, I bet that would be on their wish list.

So, by all means, queue up for hours or overnight, max out your credit cards, spend money you don’t have but once the rush and chaos is over, look around, enjoy what nature has given us for free and have a great weekend!

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