In the words of Mike Yarwood…

…this is the REAL me!

Many of you won’t remember Mike Yarwood, you’ll be too young. He was a famous impressionist (not the painting type) on telly in the 1970s and he used to end each of his Saturday night ‘Light Ent’ programmes by looking into Camera 1 and saying ‘…and this is the real me’ and would then sing a cheesy song to close the show. ¬†We were easily pleased back in the 1970s. A good night out consisted of prawn cocktail, steak, chips and peas followed by Black Forest Gateau slathered in cream. More calories, fat and E-numbers than you can shake a stick at!

Anyway, my name is Fiona Bennett and I also have several characters to my bow (and lots more mixed metaphors where that one came from). I am Fiona Bennett GGSM LTCL, pianist, singer, trumpet/cornet player and composer. I am Mum to two fabulous boys, Dominic and Zachary. I am the proud keeper (never owner) of Amber, Cleopatra and Rosie, all beautiful ex racing greyhounds from the Oxford branch of the Retired Greyhound Association and since 24 July 2015, I have been Mrs Fiona Bennett-Heritage, wife to John Heritage. John and I first met in September 1980 but that’s another blog post…

I love Christmas, chocolate, champagne (non-vintage), Merlot and Pinot Noir, music, my sons, my greyhounds, my husband, my mum and dad (and their rescue pooch, Luna who is from Romania but we are not sure whether she speaks English as yet), carol services, concerts, playing my trumpet/cornet in bands/orchestras, Facebook (keeping up with my friends from around the world is a constant source of fun and wonder), Twitter (but not as much as Facebook), writing (music and words), curry, breakfast cereals (especially the ones which make you really fat), vanilla soya yogurt and soya milk coffee but most of all, I love my life.

I don’t like cooking, shopping (shoes, handbags, clothes, food, ALL shopping), cruelty to anyone or anything (if everyone was like me, there would never be another war, ever), bullying, practical jokes (I once played one on a friend and I am still beating myself up about it), bad manners and lack of courtesy, poor service in shops and restaurants, beetroot, artichokes, mushrooms (chefs hate me, I am a vegetarian pest and they can’t palm me off with mushroom risotto/stir fry/surprise ‘cos I just won’t eat it), people who turn up fifteen minutes earlier than they’ve said they will (I am usually in the shower, running late as ever), people who think allowing their tiny little dogs to run up to my three instinctive hunting dogs is OK ‘Oh, it’s alright, she just wants to play’ (well, I’ve got news for you missus, my three just want to eat yours…), being lied to, rubbish spelling and grammar (I’m sure I should be using ; and not , in between all these statements but hey, it’s my blog so there).

I am going to attempt to write a weekly blog, I promise to try and make it funny/interesting/fascinating (OK, that might be a little too ambitious) and it will invariably include stuff about music, autism and/or greyhounds.

That’s it for now! Thank you nice WordPress people for allowing me to share my thoughts and things with everyone.

TTFN. Fiona xxx

One day, I will tell you the story about Medium Sized Hippo but for now, I have to walk the girls..

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